Workflow consulting empowers creators and media professionals to make informed choices.
Don’t let technical, creative, and budgetary choices be taken away by the unforeseen.

Advising seasoned industry professionals seeking to streamline their digital workflows, or guiding those getting into video production for the first time. Under COVID19 constraints, video production and live streaming is becoming an essential part of businesses of all types around the world, even as traditional film and video productions are having to rethink their approach.

Get Help making informed, budget-scaled decisions on:

• Camera, Equipment, Software Selection and Sourcing
• Shooting Formats, Including Resolution, HDR, Raw, and more
• Color Pipeline, Including LUT and ACES based workflows
• Physical and Cloud-based Data delivery
• Data integrity, Verification, and Encryption
• Remote Location Logistics
• International Shoots
• Direct Training
• Staffing

COVID19 related challenges:

• Professional live streams and online event production/management, including Zoom, Youtube, and Facebook Live.
• Cloud-centric workflows minimizing in-person hand-offs
• Alternative production techniques including smart phone self-shooting
• guiding team members through camera operation and data upload
• Motion graphics and location independent strategies